Uhm Yeah Sure

by Stoop Kid

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released April 1, 2019

All music, lyrics, recording, mixing, artwork by Jens Rubens
Released on tape by Gazer Tapes (Limited to 50)
Order here: gazertapes.bandcamp.com/album/uhm-yeah-sure


all rights reserved



Stoop Kid Records Diest, Belgium

Tunes written and recorded in a spare room in Diest, Belgium.

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Track Name: Nothing From Under The Sink
Hey, what's happening
Could you be more depressing
Hell, I don't know but I can try
So fixated
On making life the greatest
There is too much to figure out

Hell I don't know what's going
Hell I don't know
What's going on
What's going wrong

So fucking tired
Might just stay in tonight
And keep to myself if that's alright

Hell I don't know what's going on
Can't seem to breathe
What's going on
What's going wrong
Track Name: Go Home
I think I'll just hang outside for a little bit
You guys go ahead
Order me a beer will ya
I'll be right in

I'm getting dizzy
My heart is racing

It hit me by surprise, I'm sorry
I'll just go home

I'm getting dizzy
My heart is racing
My chest is aching
Got to get out of here
Track Name: Milton's Swingline Stapler
Had to get up at 6am again today
I'm tired as shit I can't go on living this way
But hey, what else is new
You become what you do
I swear to god I'm getting dumber every day

Two hours in
I'm bored to death
I can't go on
I should've stayed in bed

How did it become normal to rent out our lives
All in the sake of being able to survive

Four hours in
Still bored to death
Only halfway there
Fuck this, I quit
Track Name: Chin Up, Kiddo
Hangouts in the park before and after school
Got there too early 'cause we had to move
But these talks of idealism
Should get us through the day

Why don't you come sit up front
Because I know your mind wanders and I wouldn't want
To have to fail you, 'cause you're too smart
Well, if I'm honest man

I find it hard enough to find the will to stay alive

You've been so quiet, is there something wrong
It sure's not the time to be slacking off
No I'm just tired, I didn't catch any sleep at all
And well, I guess you could say

I find it hard enough to find the will to stay alive

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